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Animation & Coding Tutorial for Kids
Kids can program stories, games, and animation. It's so empowering for kids to be able to learn how to build their projects. Our Video Tutorials develop kids' creativity, logical thinking, and problem-solving skills. The tutorials are designed to teach kids animation, coding, and more which helps in improving their performance at school-based projects and activities. These tutorials help your kids effectively learn by matching the style and pace of learning to suit your kids.

Tinkercad (Minecraft & Animation) Tutorial Videos for Kids of Age 6-9 years.

A Range of Minecraft & Animation Tutorial Videos using TinkerCad that make animation accessible to kids. Make the most of your kid’s time in creative learning through our video tutorials.

Scratch (Learn Coding) Tutorial Videos for Kids of Age 10-12 years.

Learn coding tutorial videos using scratch for kids online at your own pace. Help your kids improve their coding skills. Explore a vast variety of video tutorials to help kids learn coding on their own time.

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