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Minecraft 101
Minecraft 102
Minecraft 103
Intro to Coding Beginners
Skills with Coding Intermidiate
Skills with Coding Advanced
Launch & Learn
Launch & Learn 101 Beginners
Launch & Learn 102 Intermidiate
Launch & Learn 103 Advanced
Advanced Coding
Introduction To Python
Introduction To Photoshop
Comic Book Creation 101
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Infinite learning
possibilities for all kids

Discover 1:1 or group online classes and our comprehensive learning packages to build and enhance each kid's potential
Grade 1-4
Grade 5-10
Grade 11-12
(One-time, 1:1 program)
Explore our courses and learn at your own pace. Our Singles Classes allow young learners from around the world to learn the basics of coding and mobile app development, among others.
Certificate of Completion
Starting at
$ 30/ per class
(Complete Program!)
LEARN TO LAUNCH™ is a program exclusively crafted and offered at
With LEARN TO LAUNCH™, young learners get to learn, create and launch their own ideas from start to finish.
Starting at
$ 25/ per class
(Two or more students)
Enjoy a dynamic learning environment. Our Group Classes program is built for groups of two or more young learners, and teaches the basics of coding and mobile app development, among others.
Certificate of Completion
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5 Reasons why coding is great for kids

Coding is a 21st century literacy! It develops life skills such as:
Group 137
Problem-solving skills
Deal with coding
problems and finds solutions
to solve them.
Group 138
Experiment with designing
programs and build
creative confidence.
Group 139
Logical skills
Apply the concept of structure
and break down problems in a
methodical way.
Group 140
Mathematical thinking
Learning to communicate in a computational
language can help kids grow their math skills
without even realizing it.
Group 141
Every coding requires debugging and there’s
no better way to build perseverance than
working through challenges.

Explore our exceptional classes

Open doors to a lifetime of opportunities. Choose from our coding,
Minecraft, app development classes and other tech courses.

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Rangers is an online learning platform that aims to impact the future through empowering young minds. With a focus on tech education, it offers single or group online classes and an innovative program with tools and high quality resources on coding and other technologies for kids ages 6 to 18 years old.

Our online single and group classes are available throughout the year. These have flexible schedules. Please check out our classes section for more details.

With our Learn to Launch™ program children are provided with an alternative approach to learning. They get to learn, create and launch their own ideas from start to finish. We have put together a range of packages that would empower kids with coding skills and get them to actually launch a real product of their own.

Each course length differs from one another. We have courses that only take a few hours to complete in a day, and we also have courses that have several classes spread out to several weeks. Please refer to the specific course outlines provided in the homepage.

They can offer prospects for newcomers looking for their initial technological roles or industry experts who would like to upskill or make an occupation transition. Kids might also use their particular Seems, pictures, and photographs in the program to add…

Teaching a youngster a new language is similar to learning to code. Children who are taught sophisticated skills early on, like computer coding, will pick them up fast, use them in various ways, and continue to develop them for years…

Best Coding Websites for Kids Learning to Program  Key Points at a Glance: Kids can learn various skills through Coding for Kids platforms that can help improve their creative talent.Best Coding for Kids platforms can improve a kid's problem-solving abilities.Special…

 Key Points at a Glance:Coding for Kids allows children to develop a variety of talents while still young, which will benefit them later in life.Coding Courses help kids to develop problem-solving skills.Coding for beginners  is also a valuable talent in…

Isn't learning to code for youngsters an insurmountable task? It's almost as if you're learning a new language (literally)! So, just asking kids to picture themselves making an app is a difficult task in and of itself. We've all been…

Key Points at a Glance: With millions of players, Minecraft game is widely regarded as one of the most influential games of all time.Minecraft fosters creativity and can aid in the development of design skills - players can build/create whatever…

  Key Points at a Glance: Animation fosters self expression and creativity in kids. An animation course is great for self-development and motivation. Animation also teaches patience and the vital skill of promptly adapting to and learning new software. Animation…

  Key Points at a Glance: Coding apps are excellent learning aids for children learning to code. Coding for kids has become one of the most in-demand skills, with more experienced coders coming out on top. Learning to code is…

  Key Points at a Glance: Learning to code allows children to develop a variety of talents while still young, which will benefit them later in life. Children who learn to code develop the ability to recover from failure. Coding…

  Key Points at a Glance: Coding for kids fosters brainstorming, creative thinking, and decision-making abilities, which are all essential for tackling a wide range of challenges. For kids, coding is a genuinely productive activity. Apps may provide students with…

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