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About Us

Rangers is an online learning platform that is dedicated to impact the future by empowering today’s youth through tech education. An education technology school, it offers single or group online classes on coding, Minecraft, graphic design, comic creation, 3D animation, digital marketing, and photography among others to kids ages 6 to 18 years old. Q Rangers provides a comprehensive program that enables students to create and launch their own products.

Rangers is a division of Q Academy, a pioneer in industry-driven education. Formerly known as Q Academy Kids, its first kids camp was held in person at its Victoria, BC campus. Now, through virtual classes, Q Rangers aims to reach more students across Canada and the North American region, and equip them with relevant 21st century skills.

Rangers is managed by MSM Higher Ed, the education management segment of M Square Media (MSM), an international education company that provides comprehensive campus management solutions including standardized policy and procedures for program design and development, integrated student information systems, and learning management platforms and practices.

What Makes Us Different

We nurture the youth to be

At Rangers, we are committed to unlocking the youth’s potential through technology-focused, customized hands-on training. We offer relevant and fun learning opportunities and tech adventures to build kids’ life skills and prepare them for future success.

We share our knowledge to harness young minds

Rangers instructors are industry professionals who have decades of experience in their respective fields. Our teachers are dedicated to providing young curious learners with an adventurous academic journey they will take with them for a very long time.

We offer flexible learning based on student’s needs

As a tech school, Rangers classes are held in a dynamic, flexible environment. Parents can choose to enroll their children in a Virtual Single (1:1) class for customized private lessons, Groups (learn from home small clases), or Learn to Launch program (a package that will help kids create and launch an app or other digital product). Q Rangers provides students with one-of-a-kind education and focused learning experiences.

We teach kids to be creators of technology

Our tech education at Rangers highlights classes on coding, Minecraft, 3D animation, comic creation, photography, and more. We teach the youth to develop the necessary skills to be creators of technology instead of merely consumers of it. In this age of rapid globalization, having a headstart in tech-based education can set young learners on a path of multiple career options anywhere around the world.


Rangers aims to impact the future through empowering young minds. Our state-of-the-art facilities, expert instructors and exciting courses are just a few of the things that make us better than traditional schools.

Since we started, we’ve been unlocking kids’ potential through hands-on learning. We understand how this could open up a world of opportunities for young people, allowing them to create things at their fingertips. By tapping into their innate abilities and giving them the superpower to code, we enable our students to make new projects and carve their own paths.

We created “Learn to Launch” to mentor kids each step of the way and provide them a comprehensive package for launching new products and turning their ideas into reality. We provide limitless opportunities to nurture skills, with a unique platform to jumpstart dreams at a young age, and take on the world.

Social Impact

At , we create energizing tech experiences that provide young people the ability to code and the opportunity to launch their own product. We are dedicated to an inclusive, welcoming and secure environment where all kids can have a chance to shape their future and become game-changers.
Youth Empowerment
We believe in preparing the youth for a bright future. We strive to provide kids with necessary knowledge, tools and resources to build their confidence and nurture them into future leaders and innovators. Every child can be a programmer, a video game designer or an IT expert with

Diversity & Inclusion
We strive to foster an inclusive platform that values diversity of all learners of every gender, nationality or ethnicity, socioeconomic status and ability. Rangers advocates anti-bullying and have made our platform a place where kids would feel respected and celebrated for their individuality.
Rangers puts priority on children’s protection and we have set stringent security measures to make sure that kids are safe and protected in our online classes. We educate kids and their parents on their rights and navigating a digital ecosystem.

Brand Story

The Curious Kid

Before humanity conquered land with the first automobile in
1885, then air with the first airplane in 1903, the seed for the modern digital age was planted as early as 1812 in the mind of a young lad named Charles Babbage. Charles was fascinated with math and the marvels of mechanical engineering, and with the support of family, government, and the scientific community, he would go on and design the world’s first computer. Charles would later on be credited as “the father of the computer.” However, in actuality, it wasn’t until other people contributed to Charles’ idea before the computer became more than a machine.

The Brilliant Kid

Meet Ada Lovelace. Her father a poet, and mother a
mathematician, Ada possessed a curious and brilliant mind. At 12, she was consumed with the idea of flying and wrote a book on constructing an apparatus suitable for flying. Having lived at a time when women were not regarded as prolific scientific thinkers and her mathematical and logical skills considered as masculine, Ada pursued her passion for math with the encouragement of her mother. She was 17 when she first saw for herself the early designs for building a computer. After that experience, she wrote a set of notes detailing a specific method for calculating a sequence of numbers on those proposed designs. Because of this, Ada
became known as “the world’s first computer programmer.”

The Defiant Kid

As the next century unfolded, the human mind embraced the challenge of pushing mathematical and scientific boundaries, as evidenced by the ingenious mind of one Alan Turing. At 15, he would solve advanced math problems without studying elementary calculus. However his teachers did not understand his potential, because their definition of education placed more emphasis on the classics. Later on, Alan’s groundbreaking work in formalising the concepts of algorithm and computation earned him the title of “the father of theoretical computer science and artificial intelligence.”

The Visionary Kid

Abdul Lateef Jandali—this was Steve Jobs’ birth name as he was born into an Arab Muslim family before he was put up for adoption. He lived life as any young teen would, however, dropping out of college in 1972. Four years later, he and business partner Steve Wozniak co-founded a company named Apple to sell their own version of a microcomputer. Fast forward to 2007, they launched the very first iPhone, and it would take the world by storm. This invention would arguably be responsible for the spawning of other millions of smartphones people use today. Fortune named Steve the “Most Powerful Person in Business,” and in 2009, “CEO of the Decade.”

Charles, Ada, Alan, Steve—were no different than other kids today. They were kids with dreams who worked hard to achieve them. All kids are born geniuses, and with the right guidance, they can tap into their superpowers. That’s why Rangers has developed a unique platform to unlock every child’s potential. From start to finish, we help kids along the way through every step of their journey.
Learn to Launch™ Program,
With our Learn to Launch™ program children are provided with an alternative approach to learning. They get to learn, create and launch their own ideas from start to finish. We have put together a range of packages that would empower kids with coding skills and get them to actually launch a
real product of their own.
Coding Package

A set of courses that allows learners to achieve advanced or mastery levels in coding and programming languages to be able to produce a website, a software or an android/ios app and launch it as a real product.

Gaming Package

A combination of courses that gives kids the opportunity to have a creative experience in coding, get to design and develop a game or an AR/VR (Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality) application and launch it.

AI Package

A fusion of coding courses that provides kids the skills to create AI computer programs such as chatbot or voicebot designed to simulate conversation with humans and have the opportunity to launch this into the world.

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