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Rangers is an online learning platform that aims to impact the future through empowering young minds. With a focus on tech education, it offers single or group online classes and an innovative program with tools and high quality resources on coding and other technologies for kids ages 6 to 18 years old.

Our online single and group classes are available throughout the year. These have flexible schedules. Please check out our classes section for more details.

With our Learn to Launch™ program children are provided with an alternative approach to learning. They get to learn, create and launch their own ideas from start to finish. We have put together a range of packages that would empower kids with coding skills and get them to actually launch a real product of their own.

Each course length differs from one another. We have courses that only take a few hours to complete in a day, and we also have courses that have several classes spread out to several weeks. Please refer to the specific course outlines provided in the homepage.

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