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Looking for the perfect career?
Passionate about teaching young minds?
This could be the right fit for you!
Are you great at coding? Do you have teaching experience? Are you awesome with kids?
Rangers is currently looking for qualified teachers to be a part of our highly dynamic and fun team.

Why apply to be a teacher

Attractive Salary
Rangers offers competitive teaching contracts that are commensurate with candidates’ experience and education.
Work Remotely and Flexibly
Rangers offers a variety of virtual classes from individual to group sessions. Our teachers can choose their work schedules and work from the comfort of their homes or office.
Rangers provides qualified instructors with dynamic onboarding and training resulting in QA Certification. Our certified instructors will be eligible to teach Grades 1 – 12 students on Coding, Minecraft, design and other
Rangers classes.


(Canada-based or International)

We are looking for a coding professional to join our passionate team and be part of our innovative learning programs in coding education and other technologies. The ideal candidate has strong coding skills, a friendly personality, and excellent verbal communications skills. This role involves teaching kids fundamental coding concepts and also collaborating creatively with a pool of instructors to develop a quality curriculum for young learners. The candidate will have the opportunity to make an impact on the lives of young students by unlocking their potential in coding and helping them shape their future.

Job Requirements:

Job Description:

The qualified candidate is expected to do the following:
Rangers is committed to building a diverse team. We are an equal opportunity employer and encourage applications from individuals from all walks of life.

Our Teacher Selection Process

Our Teacher Selection Process Applicants for
teaching positions go through a rigorous screening process that includes an online interview, credentials and criminal record check, a live demo class, and required participation in the
onboarding and training program. Rangers then matches candidates who are best suited to effectively teach our Rangers courses. Interested applicants may send their applications today and we’ll reply to them in 24 hours.

5-Step Application Process




Coding is the universal language of the 21st Century. With the world moving at a rapid pace toward digitalization, children today need to learn computer commands, loops, sequences, and conditions.


In the world where mobile applications on handheld devices are becoming the norm, children with the skill to build animations, games, and apps with proper design philosophies will be ahead of the curve.


With lessons that tackle decomposition, pattern recognition, and algorithmic thinking, children’s minds will be shaped through critical thinking. This is an important skill set when taking future exams or solving real-world problems.


Because of the work in front of them, and how children are encouraged to accomplish their tasks within a set time frame, children will gain confidence at a young age and will be set on a path of future success.

What Our Teachers Are Like

Rangers teachers are expertly skilled in the subjects they teach and excited to share their knowledge and experience with the up and coming generation of learners.
Rangers teachers are passionate about teaching, enjoy working with kids and know how they can impact the lives of young people.
Rangers teachers use their bright minds in practical situations. With the curriculum at hand, teachers teach skills that build and use algorithmic and abstract thinking.
Rangers teachers are excellent role models for young learners. They are technologically proficient. Because classes are conducted online, they need a fast and stable internet connection, plus a modern personal computer with the right audio and video equipment.

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