What Parents Need to Know About Minecraft?


Key Points at a Glance:

  • With millions of players, Minecraft game is widely regarded as one of the most influential games of all time.
  • Minecraft fosters creativity and can aid in the development of design skills – players can build/create whatever they can imagine.
  • Improves teamwork and promotes collaboration.

Parents frequently worry about their children’s online safety, particularly when it comes to gaming. With the popularity of e-games such as Minecraft and Fortnite on the rise, it is critical for any parent to understand how to protect their children online and what to take into account when it comes to e-safety. Minecraft is widely regarded as one of the most influential games of all time.  But, in a world where video games are ubiquitous, how could you be certain that your child feels safe while playing Minecraft?

This article will tell you everything you need to know about the minecraft game so that you can be comfortable that you understand precisely what your kid has been doing online and that they are fully secure and having a great time with online friends.

What is Minecraft about?

The Minecraft game can be imagined as a virtual world made up of areas called biomes, with different biomes containing blocks and plants. These are the building blocks used to create and modify the game’s landscapes. As the name implies, the primary goal of the Minecraft game is to mine for resources that can be used to help the player build a world.

Is Minecraft appropriate for kids?

Minecraft game is appropriate for children as young as eight years old because it promotes social interaction and communication, as well as problem-solving skills and creativity.

Minecraft, particularly the Education Edition, provides numerous advantages to children, including:

  • allowing groups of up to 30 students to work together to build projects and engage in problem-solving activities using the same game server
  • According to a national survey on teaching with digital games, children’s numeracy and computational skills can be improved.
  • Access to extensive free resources to assist instructors, graduates, and their communities in exploring immersive virtual worlds, participating in fun implications, and STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) learning.
  • KS2 and higher education students will benefit from a combination of home learning, remote learning, and fun.
  • improving children’s computer science and coding knowledge
  • Approximately 98 percent of teachers who have used Minecraft Education Edition say the game helps students develop problem-solving skills.

Why is Minecraft so popular among children?

Minecraft game is extremely popular among children, particularly those aged 6 to 13. The fact that players can create anything is what makes the game so popular. There are no rules in the game, and the possibilities are endless, from cities to roller coasters and everything in between.

The game also includes a multiplayer mode, which is popular among young players who enjoy playing with their friends and assisting each other in building new creations. The freedom that the game provides is appealing to the majority of children.

Are there any risks?

Parents may be concerned about a number of potential risks. Many of these, however, are easily manageable.

Multiplayer Mode

Minecraft game has both multiplayer and single-player modes. Many children enjoy playing multiplayer mode with their friends and with people from all over the world. There is a risk of encountering bad language, harassment, inappropriate content, and so on, as with most online games and apps. To help avoid this, you can set games to single-player only (via the game settings) or disable the multiplayer chat option.

YouTube’s Minecraft

Many children watch Minecraft coding tutorials on YouTube to learn how to play the game and get hints and tips. Some YouTube tutorials contain offensive language or comments. To avoid this, encourage your child to watch Minecraft coding tutorials on these recommended YouTube channels.

How much time should your child spend playing Minecraft games?

While playing games or spending time online isn’t inherently a bad thing, parents should be conscious of how much time their child spends online compared to time outside or even just doing anything that isn’t on a screen 

It’s really simple to lose hours at a time playing the highly captivating game Minecraft. When you are having fun, time passes quickly, and before you realise it, you have unintentionally spent the last four hours creating the ideal Minecraft block house.

Some professionals recommend that children under the age of 12 spend no more than 2 hours per day on screens, while children over the age of 12 should spend no more than 3 hours per day.

However, in today’s digital world, this is easier said than done, and your child may find it difficult not to engage in something that their friends do as well. In that case, you might want to plan your time around your own child.

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