Middle School Coding Projects for Kids That Are Simple and Awesome!

Coding for kids

  Key Points at a Glance:

  • Middle School Coding Activities will assist kids in providing creative ways to bring their knowledge of coding to use.
  • Teaching middle schoolers to code may be a great benefit for both you and your kids.
  • Middle School Coding projects will assist you in guiding students through enjoyable and simplistic projects that will grab and engage their attention.


Coding encourages critical thinking and is an excellent option for middle school students who want to learn about computer science. Between the ages of 11 and 14, the logical part of developing minds really takes off, and most middle schoolers can understand more complex topics and high-level- level programming languages such as Python and JavaScript.

Try some of these simple coding projects with your middle schooler! Your kids learn how to use a set of new coding projects for middle schoolers! Check out the Top Programming Tools for Middle School Students to Create Coding Projects.

Middle schoolers will start with the basics before moving on to more advanced languages. The few languages that are most useful for our students are JavaScript, Scratch, and Python.


JavaScript, like Python, is an important language among professional coders. JavaScript is a high-level- level programming language that is used in a variety of applications such as Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox. Aside from creating web pages, it is also used to create mobile apps, and games, and sometimes even operate androids.

When kids are ready for text-based computer programming and web development concepts, JavaScript is a useful language to dive into after learning the fundamentals of coding.



Scratch is among the most popular beginner programming languages for new coders. It is simple to learn and highly visual, and it aims to teach coding basic concepts in a way that students can understand. Youngsters drag and drop colourful boxes to solve problems and learn new concepts.


Python is a popular language for intermediate coders once you’ve mastered the fundamentals. Python is used by professional programmers in a variety of real-world settings, making it far more than just a teaching language. Python is used to build popular applications such as Netflix and Spotify, demonstrating its adaptability and professional competence.


Easy Middle School Coding Projects for Beginners

  1. Learn how to build a website: Kids may learn to build a website from the initial concept in a few four hours with Q Rangers. One of the most significant skills that kids may acquire in coding programs is how to build websites. We can guide your child through the process of creating a simple website utilizing basic design concepts like hosting services, file sharing, and program logic. Our Q Rangers Code Coaches will guide students through the process of creating websites using HTML5 and other languages.
  2. Design a video game. Students with a basic understanding of HTML and JavaScript can create their own games with Q Rangers. Our experts can help your child from beginning to end with the video game design process. Many of our learners are looking forward to creating their first game. They’ll learn how to program using one of the many free programming platforms available, such as Roblox, and observe their game come to life over time.
  3. Create a three-dimensional solar system. Students can modify and design an existing solar system project in Scratch and add their own additions. Scratch is a free, block-based programming platform geared toward kids. It’s a programming language interface that allows kids to easily create storylines, games, and visual effects and share them with an online community. Scratch Programming is similar in that it involves combining graphics, animations, pictures, music, and sound. Ultimately, Scratch programming is simple for youngsters to use and comprehend.
  4. Create an animated story. This project is available on Google CS First, a resource for teaching computer programming to children of all ages, but it is best suited for students in the middle grades. It’s a lot of fun to code a story. Students have previously written, illustrated, and read stories. They may, however, have never animated one. This task will captivate their attention not only because it is narrative, but also because it is fun and interesting. Creating scripts that allow characters to speak and move will captivate even the most hesitant writer. Scratch includes a library of backdrops and characters that make it simple to bring stories to life.


How can Q Rangers support teaching coding programs for Kids? 

Q Rangers is a great place for middle school students to learn more about coding. Our Code Tutors can assist middle schoolers who wish to learn more advanced languages one-on-one or in virtual coding classes.

Q Rangers can help your child get started or continue their coding education by offering self-paced programming courses or video tutorials where they can study in a professional context.

 Rangers can help your child get started or continue their coding education by offering self-paced programming courses or video tutorials where they can study in a professional context.

Our programs are interactive and entertaining from beginning to end. Check out our website to find coding programs for kids and start helping your child become a coding genius today! Book a Free Trial!

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