Make Learning Math Fun with These Games for Kids

Learning Math is Fun

  Key Points at a Glance:

  • Math is not every kid’s favorite subject but with the right games, they can learn mathematical concepts while also having fun.
  • Educational video games can help enhance real-life skills.
  • Video games are an unconventional but effective way to teach math skills.

Mathematics is not everyone’s favorite subject — perhaps it’s because of the anxiety that often comes with having to memorize multiplication tables or dividing large numbers. But  everyone, not just children, need to learn math as it is used in everyday life. The question is, how could you make learning math fun for your kids?

Don’t worry, we got you covered. With these games below, kids are ensured to have fun while learning.

What Skills Can Video Games Improve?

Video games have been demonstrated to help improve some real-life skills, such as resourcefulness, reading, and problem solving. Math-based games, such as the ones listed below, can help in the development and reinforcement of basic numeracy skills.

Playing video games also helps improve hand-eye coordination, the ability to multitask, and decision-making. Of course, playing video games for long periods of time without sufficient breaks can be harmful to one’s health, so make sure your child plays in moderation and with your supervision.

Are Video Games Good for Learning?

Any form of teaching that keeps students engaged is a win. While interactive lessons in school are fantastic, math-based games at home can also be an effective tool to help children practice what they have learned and also discover new math concepts along the way.

Playing video games such as Minecraft may be an unconventional way to learn math, but they can be extremely effective at keeping children engaged. If you are in Canada, online schools like Q Rangers offer kids a way to learn while having fun through Minecraft classes. Also, 

check out these kid-friendly games that can help your child enjoy learning math.

Tami’s Tower

The goal of this game is to build structures that would enable Tami to get access to food.

It sounds simple, but players will have to overcome not only gravity but also the attempts of other animals to derail Tami’s plans.

This game will educate players on basic math, physics, and engineering principles while being very entertaining.


While Sudoku isn’t strictly a computer game, there are plenty of free-to-play apps available for most platforms. For those who haven’t experienced playing it before, Sudoku is a combinational, number-placement problem game that requires logic to progress.

Toon Math

Toon Math is a never-ending run game in which the player solves math problems as they go. This game is intended for younger students, who will surely improve their mathematical abilities in no time.

Toon Math Endless Run is intended to provide your youngster with a fun math experience that will supplement their schoolwork.


Prodigy is a curriculum-based arithmetic computer game that is great for amusing kids while also teaching them basic math concepts. This game is ideal for math lessons at home and in school.

To keep players interested, the game borrows extensively from role-playing games like Pokemon. To beat the enemy, each player participates in a fight with in-game characters and must answer a series of arithmetic questions.

Math Land

The game is intended to be a fun way to practice basic arithmetic abilities such as addition, subtraction, multiplication, sorting from higher to lower, division, and negative numbers. Solving mathematical problems and equations is how the game progresses. 


Mathmateer is a fantastic intuitive math-based game that is ideal for engaging students in math. Although it is pay-to-play, the modest fee is well worth it.

This math-learning game has long been regarded as one of the best games for teaching math to children. It has roughly 56 missions in which the player must answer mathematical problems in order to construct and launch their own rock.


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