Keep the Blues Away with These 9 Fun-tastic Stay-at-Home Activities for Kids

Activities for kids

  Key Takeaways:

  • Kids can try various stay-at-home activities with their parents, such as baking, cooking, cardboard racing, crafting, and games for children.
  • Kids can do creative activities such as storytelling, making their own jigsaw puzzles, and playing with building blocks..
  • Stay-at-home periods are also a perfect time for learning, like studying a new instrument.


Stuck at home? Spending time with the family is a terrific way to form strong bonds, but children can get bored pretty quickly, especially when they can’t go outside. After a while, kids can start feeling down when they run out of things to do at home.


Fortunately, there are a lot of things parents can do to keep their kids occupied and happy. If the stay-at-home periods are  giving your kids the blues, here are nine fun-tastic activities you can try to cheer them up.

Mini Master Chef

Bake cookies or cook your favorite meals together to pass time! The best part is, you can share the final product together with your family. Assist your kid so they can use cooking materials the right way.

Baby Beethoven 

Stay-at-home periods are the perfect time to learn instruments! You can hire a personal online tutor or have them learn on their own. Who knows, your next activity could be a fun home concert you can stream and share with relatives and friends online.

Cardboard Racing

Don’t have a toy race car at home? No worries! Simply find a big and sturdy box that your kid can fit in. Zoom them around while they make engine-revving noises for the full experience.

Special Storytelling

Storytelling is a great way to stimulate your kid’s imagination and develop their creativity. Pick up their favorite book (or a book they haven’t read yet) and read it to them but don’t finish it! Stop at some point and let your kid continue and end the story.

Picture Perfect Puzzles

Take jigsaw puzzles to the next level by letting your kid make their own. They can choose their baby pictures or an image of their favorite cartoon character. Outline puzzle pieces over the image then cut it (if your kid is too young for scissors, do the cutting yourself). Give in a great reward once they finish the puzzle.

Puppet Play

Gather some old socks and tiny paper bags to design your own puppets! You can tell your kid to make their own skit or recreate a scene in their favorite movie. You can use a table or hide behind a couch to act as your stage.

Block Bonanza

Building blocks are great toys to encourage creativity within your child. They can build anything they can imagine from with the right set. If you want a long-term project with your kid, try building your own LegoLand!

Indoor Shadowplay

Grab a decent-sized flashlight and find a room to play in. Turn off the lights and project the flashlight onto a white wall. Make some fun shadows using your hands or other toys. You can also let your child tell a story to heighten the experience.

Children’s Games

Unleash the child in you by letting your kid pick a game and play with them! Play tag or hide and seek in the afternoons in your backyard. You can also try various board games such as Scrabble, Monopoly, and Snakes & Ladders.


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