Is Minecraft Beneficial to Children’s Learning?

  Key Points at a Glance:

  • Minecraft is beneficial to children’s learning as it does not only develop classroom skills but also key life skills.
  • A Glasgow University research has found a connection between playing video games and academic success.
  • Aside from making children smarter, Minecraft can also boost their IQ, encourage imagination, develop basic logic skills, and even teach children patience and perseverance.

Many parents are interested in learning more about Minecraft, which is often recommended as an educational game for children. With all the buzz around the game, you may wonder if Minecraft can really act as an IQ booster and make youngsters smarter. Is it really good for children’s developing brains?

The simple answer is yes. Minecraft is beneficial to children’s learning. Activities that children do in Minecraft do not only improve academic skills but also enhance key future workplace and life skills. Here’s a closer look at how children gain knowledge and skills through Minecraft.

Minecraft makes kids smarter

Minecraft is perhaps one of the best nonviolent, educational games available. It can teach your child the principles of programming, cooperation, critical thinking, and project management, as well as provide a wonderful setting that promotes creativity and out-of-the-box thinking.

As a result, several researchers have suggested that playing Minecraft can improve your child’s intelligence.

A 2017 study conducted at Glasgow University found a connection between playing video games like Minecraft and future university success. When compared with the control group, participants who played the game showed higher communication, flexibility, and resourcefulness scores—all of which are considered important for academic success.

A big part of these advantages is attributed to the design of the game. Children are generally free to pick how they want to interact with the game because of the lack of a storyline and limited instructions on how to play, allowing them to explore and experiment.

Minecraft is good for children’s brains

It has also been suggested that the activities in Minecraft can make kids smarter and perhaps help them get ahead in school. Because the game is fun and engaging, children become more receptive to the educational activities provided. 

For instance, when starting a new game in Minecraft, players are given a randomized map consisting entirely of blocks. It’s similar to a LEGO project in that the blocks may be removed, rearranged, and utilized to create something completely different.

Children will discover that if they continue to explore, they will be able to create technologies that will make tedious jobs easier to manage. With the inclusion of Redstone blocks, kids may create entirely customizable machines while learning the principles of coding or engineering, which is a necessary skill for those who would be focusing on those fields in the future.

Children can play with their pals on a shared map if multiplayer is enabled. As players divide up their roles, this encourages clear communication and teamwork. Although kids may create some great crafts on their own, when they collaborate, they not only create very magnificent creations but also learn how to work with others.

Minecraft may boost a child’s IQ

While there are no studies that show that playing Minecraft can enhance a child’s IQ, it still can’t be argued that this game can provide educational benefits.

Overall, there are a plethora of potential IQ benefits to playing Minecraft. Here are a few of the most promising ones.

  • Encouragement of project planning and imagination
  • Problem-solving skills are reinforced
  • Basic programming and logic skills
  • Collaboration and communication
  • Strengthens social abilities
  • Management of resources
  • Patience and perseverance 

If your kid is playing Minecraft, let them. You’re not only letting your child have fun but you are also giving them a chance to learn by themselves.

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