How is Minecraft Good for Kids?


Key Points at a Glance:

      • Minecraft is the biggest-selling video game of all time.
      • Children learn a lot of things in Minecraft, from problem solving to collaboration and more.
      • Children also develop creativity and build their confidence when playing Minecraft.
      • Minecraft complements academic learning in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics.
      • Playing Minecraft can also establish a child’s future work skills.

When hearing about Minecraft, some parents easily shrug it off as just another video game for kids, while others are more concerned about how their child is playing it excessively. Some believe that the game works in keeping the kids busy, while some may think it’s a total waste of time. 

Many, however, have begun to see the value of letting their children play Minecraft.

Minecraft is often hailed as one of the most-played games in the world. It is the biggest-selling video game of all time and the most-watched game on YouTube, with billions of views on Minecraft-related videos. It is popular not just with kids, but also with adults. The Minecraft mania has inspired merchandise, a movie, and even camps and classes.

Why did Minecraft become so popular among kids and adults alike? As we are about to show you, this game — which was initially released in 2009 — is more than just a video game. Read on to learn about the benefits of playing Minecraft:

Minecraft is educational

Aside from all the fun that it brings, children also learn a lot from playing Minecraft. As a parent, who wouldn’t want a game that enhances a kid’s problem-solving skills, creativity, teamwork, self-direction, decision-making, confidence, and even coding and engineering skills?

At school, Minecraft supports a child’s learning in writing, reading, math, history, and business. The educational benefits of Minecraft are one of the primary reasons why the game has risen in popularity over the years. Why not give it a try yourself and see what you learn from it?

Minecraft develops a curious mind

They say that a curious child is an intelligent child. Because children find the game interesting and engaging, they also become more inquisitive. They want to learn about the things they discover in the game, and their curiosity expands beyond the gamescape.

In Minecraft, there are challenges that players need to overcome. To succeed, players need to be on the lookout for hints and tricks that will help them. Through this, young players learn how to find the information they need. The game then lets kids analyze the information they have and use it to their advantage. For kids, it is a fun and exciting adventure.

Minecraft teaches kids to manage resources

Children are bound to calculate the time required in tasks and how much things cost. Minecraft enhances a child’s mind to use the resources they have in an efficient manner. For example, if they have to gather wood, they can use their hand. They can also use an ax, which is quicker but more costly.

Knowing how to use money and resources smartly is an important key in a child’s practical development.

Minecraft provides key future work skills

Not only does Minecraft improve skills in the classroom but also in the future workplace as well. Through this game’s help, children can start developing skills that can help them gain an edge in the future. Apart from technical skills, they can learn important business skills that include trading and establishing relationships.

When used correctly, Minecraft can cement a kid’s background in core Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics. Undoubtedly, these are skills needed in a tech-driven world.

So if your child is playing Minecraft, do not worry. You’re looking at a child with a bright and promising potential for growth through play.


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