Secure Android App Development

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Skill Level:
QA Kids Classes - Courses(1)
10-12, 13-18
No. of Classes:
Total Class Duration:
80 hours
Course Fee:
Per Class Fee:
$ 30
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This course introduces our young learners on what it takes to create computer applications for use on mobile devices such as tablets, smartphones, and smart watches. Students will be taught how to tap into the usefulness of mobile device features such as cameras, motion, and location awareness for creating unique and inventive apps. Throughout the course, students will learn the process of designing and building a application for Android.

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  • The Android Operating System
  • Create an Android App Project
  • Configure the Android Development Environment
  • Create an Android Emulator
  • Work in the Android Project Structure
  • Use Android Documentation
  • Work with the App Lifecycle
  • Design to Requirements and Expectations
  • Create a Tabbed User Interface
  • Provide Navigation to Other Activities
  • Load App Data from Resources
  • Support Alternate Languages Through Resources
  • Apply Themes and Styles
  • Load Images
  • Draw Graphics Through Code
  • Add Animation Effects
  • Write File Data
  • Read File Data
  • Debug an Android App
  • Use Additional Android Debugging and Analysis Tools
  • Populate a View with Web Data
  • Load Web Content in a WebView
  • Implement a User Interface for Preferences
  • Read User Preferences
  • Provide an Alternate Layout
  • Access Sensors and Location Services
  • Capture Multimedia
  • Develop a Widget
  • Manage App Security
  • Prepare an App for Release
Technical requirements:
  • Computer
  • Internet
  • Software
Course highlights:

Upon completion of this course the successful student will have
demonstrate Craft persistent models with Active Record

  • Functional Android App
Your virtual tech course includes:
  • Q Rangers-certified instructor
  • 24 hours of 1:1 instruction and project development
  • Certificate of completion
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  • Register and get started
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$ 30
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