Introduction to Coding

custom code
Skill Level:
QA Kids Classes - Courses(1)
No. of Classes:
Total Class Duration:
72 hours
Course Fee:
Per Class Fee:
$ 30

In this course your child will be introduced to the world of computer coding. Our young students will be exposed to the basic principles of programming, tackling related subject matters like logic and algorithms. Students will get the opportunity to write their own code, test its effectiveness and gauge its potential use in the real world. They will learn the basics and develop their skills in core coding. Additionally, they will also be able to learn the beginning key steps in design, and how to develop their own personal custom video game project.

Check Out the Curriculum We Offer
  • What is Programming?
  • Intro to Programming Tools
  • Setting Up
  • Exploring IDLE
  • Getting Help
  • Saving Programs
  • Storing Values
  • Adding Comments
  • Naming Rules
  • Saving Data
  • Toring Input/Controlling Output
  • Correcting Errors
  • Performing Operations
  • Writing/Changing Lists
  • Fixing/Setting Lists
  • Controlling Blocks
  • Counting Loops
  • Skipping Loops
  • Create Functions
  • Defining Blocks
  • Adding Perimeters
  • Inspecting Python
  • Managing Text
  • Programming Objects
  • Building Interfaces
  • Launching Interfaces
  • Displaying Messages
  • Developing Apps
  • Designing Layout
  • Loading Dynamics
  • Understanding Compilers
  • Compiling Code
  • Coding C
  • Coding C++
  • Coding Java
  • Summary/ Review
Technical requirements:
  • Mac or Windows PC along with audio and video exchange
  • Python, C++, Java
Course highlights:
  • Develop analytical skills
  • Learn programming concepts and tools
  • Learn Python, C++, and Java concepts
Your virtual tech course includes:
  • Q Rangers-certified instructor
  • 36 hours of direct instruction and project development
  • Personalized learning
  • Certificate of completion
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  • Get a certificate
  • Register and get started
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$ 30
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