Advanced skills with Ruby on Rails

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Skill Level:
QA Kids Classes - Courses(1)
10-12, 13-18
No. of Classes:
Total Class Duration:
80 hours
Course Fee:
Per Class Fee:
$ 30
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The Advanced Ruby on Rails course is designed to demonstrate how to utilize advanced Ruby features and syntax to write advanced scripts and web applications. This course begins with an exploration of the Rails framework, including how to work with Gems and perform database migrations.

Check Out the Curriculum We Offer
  • Diving deeper with Ruby
  • Understanding the Rails Stack
  • Working with Gems and Engines
  • Database migrations
  • Testing with RSpec
  • Mocking, Stubbing, and Factories Building
  • APIs Upgrading
  • Rails Scaling Deployment
  • Scoping Business Logic with Interactors
  • Rails 6 System Tests
    1. MiniTest
    2. Capybara
    3. Selenium-webdriver
    4. WebDriver Protocol
    5. WebDriver Tool
    6. The webdrivers gem
  • Testing with Capybara (browser & headless)
  • Fat Model, Skinny Controller
  • Domain Objects (No More Fat Models)
  • Convention Over Configuration
  • Beware of default scope
  • DRY
Technical requirements:
  • Computer
  • Internet
  • Software
    • XAMPP 1.7.3
    • Ruby 1.8.7
    • Ruby Gems 1.3.7
    • Rails 3.0.0
Course highlights:
  • Demonstrate Rails performance tuning techniques
  • Build a Ruby-based SOA
  • Automate versioning with Capistrano
  • Apply robust testing techniques using RSpec and Cucumber
  • Perform advanced refactoring techniques to make code
    cleaner and more maintainable
Your virtual tech course includes:
  • Q Rangers-certified instructor
  • 36 hours of 1:1 instruction and project development
  • Certificate of completion
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  • Register and get started
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