Coding Classes: Essential for 21st Century Kids

  Key Points at a Glance:
  • Coding classes equip kids with life skills such as decision-making skills.
  • Coding classes enhance a child’s creative confidence.
  • Coding classes can help a child have a brighter future by equipping them to be part of the 21st century!
Coding classes for kids are hugely popular today. Every app that you use, every website that you visit was made by coding. The pandemic also resulted in the increase in digital activities such as online shopping. 

Learning in the 21st century is about developing critical thinking, creativity, and problem solving. As online activities grow with digitization, being ready to be part of the 21st century environment is important more than ever!

Help your child cope in this new world and enroll them in coding classes. Find a school that can offer online coding classes, on-campus coding classes or even free coding classes for kids!

What Are the Benefits of Coding for Kids? 

Coding classes for kids help them develop their cognitive skills such as reasoning, logic, mathematics, and computational thinking. Computational thinking is the practice of breaking down problems to arrive at a solution. It is beneficial for children to develop this as we are living in a more complex world. 

Kids as young as six years old can learn how to code! Coding classes also allow kids to develop their life skills such as decision making and resilience. These let children build their confidence by trial and error. 

Making mistakes and learning from those are important life skills that are not directly taught in schools. Traditional educational approaches reward good work and frown upon mistakes. 

Coding classes offer kids an opportunity to have an active learning experience. Coding classes encourage children to learn from their mistakes and make solutions based on mistakes. 

Traditional classes often focus on memorization. Coding classes are focused on giving your child a hands-on learning experience. Supplementing your child’s education with coding classes be it online or on campus is surely a wise investment.

What Are the Benefits of Coding for Teens?

Coding classes for teens help young learners transition to life in college. If your kids are interested in having a career in the computer industry, it would be best to enroll them in supplementary coding classes from as early as grade 1 to grade 12! If you were not able to enroll them when they were much younger, enrolling them in coding classes for teens would still benefit them!

STEAM (science, technology, engineering, arts, mathematics) classes are good foundations for a teen to succeed in today’s digitized world. Coding classes get to combine these 5 disciplines and enrolling your teen in a coding class is a very good investment.

Coding classes conducted online or on-campus will help teens develop their creative confidence and decision making skills. These are qualities and skills that are essential if they wish to pursue higher education and in everyday life.

How Can My Kid or Teen Become a Coder?

Learning to code for kids and teens can start through online coding classes. Some schools embed coding literacy in classes while some do not. Supplementary coding classes can help your kids and teens in more ways than one!

Teaching kids and teens to code can help them be part of the movement to create better and cleaner technological advancements. Canada has an on-going program to help tech startups called “Sustainable Development Technology Canada”. Who knows, your child could create a tech startup that can help make the world a better place!

Career Choices for Kids and Teens Who Code

Learning how to code will not restrict a child in just the IT industry but opens doors to any industry! Ignite your kid and teens passion to learn with coding classes! Coding classes are a great shift from traditional learning that just focuses on memorization. 

Help kids understand the value of coding in today’s world. Their favorite apps and websites are made through coding. Encourage them that they can actually make their own app and website by learning how to code.

There are 5 career paths that kids and teens who know how to code can pursue. They can become a computer programmer, data scientist, game developer, mobile app developer or a website developer. 

Computer programmer – makes the programs and system requirements needed to run a computer or gadget.

Data scientist – designs data-gathering and analyzes gathered data to have an insight on a specific topic.

Game developer – creates games and can focus on audio, graphics and other game aspects.

Mobile app developer – makes apps that can be used in gadgets or as web-plugins.

Website developer – develops websites, can have a specialization to work at the back-end or full stack web developing. 

These 5 professions are employable in any industry. 2021 data shows that a computer programmer can earn up to CAD $82,000 a year! Web development on the other hand is listed as a profession that is in demand in Canada in 2021 and beyond! 

Even if a child wishes to pursue a different course in higher education such as business administration, or any course, he/she can still apply the discipline learned in coding classes such as reasoning, logic, mathematics, computational thinking, decision-making, and creative confidence. 

Coding Schools in Canada

Canada is home to top IT industry players such as Ubisoft in Saguenay. Ubisoft is the developer of hit games such as Assassin’s Creed. The presence of top IT companies has made Canada a destination for IT professionals from all over the world! 

Local talent is developed by Canada to address the needs of the growing IT industry in the region. Premier IT schools such as Q College and College Multihexa emerged in Vancouver, British Columbia and Saguenay, Quebec both are known as tech hubs in the country to ensure the supply of a competent workforce in their respective regions.

How to Begin My Kid’s Coding Career?

Online coding classes for kids and online coding classes for teens are offered online. Q Rangers offers an array of tech-based courses that will appeal for kids grades 1 to 12! Located in Canada, it is a division of the Q Rangers education system – a pioneer tech-education institution in Vancouver since 1997. 

Learn coding with Q Rangers and equip your child to build his/her own product! Q Rangers has crafted a special program called Learn to Launch™. This program has 3 tracks namely: Coding, Gaming and AI. 

If your child is somehow intimidated with coding, he/she can start with free coding classes to see if he/she finds it enriching. 

Q Rangers is about empowering the youth and is offering free coding classes! Free coding classes are a good introduction for beginners. 

You can book a free class and have a consultation with our education experts to see which class will work best for your kid.

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All kids can learn to launch products of their own

No previous coding experience needed.

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