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Meet Mahir

Meet Mahir Laul — he’s all about the “positive vibes” and is a proud Q Rangers Brand Ambassador! The 14-year-old, Vancouver-based teen actor and tech influencer is a producer of social media content on hot topics like coding and gaming for Q Rangers.
Mahir’s strength is his multi-faceted approach to life! The lad does not spend his entire day in front of the computer as he is passionate about acting and also enjoys playing basketball with friends and going up against players from other schools. Mahir’s favorite NBA team: The Golden State Warriors.
Mahir has also been to a few countries as he was born in New York and spent his childhood years in India. He handpicks the cities of Los Angeles and Miami as his favorite destinations. He one day hopes to visit Dubai and Maldives.
“I’m blessed to be a Q Rangers Brand Ambassador and I can’t wait to meet other Brand Ambassadors who’ll join me in this awesome quest — the benefits are fantastic,” says Mahir.

Why Become a Brand

By becoming a Q Rangers Kids Brand Ambassador, you will have the opportunity to inspire, influence and impact the lives of other tech-savvy kids.
You are the face that will deliver the latest tech news and tips on how to embrace and create with technology! You will have the opportunity to build a community of like-minded young learners that will change the world! Of course, the benefits are amazing, too.

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