A Parent’s Guide: Why Teach Your Kids to Code?

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The current pandemic has prompted most businesses to digitize some of their processes to make these more accessible to customers and ensure their safety as well. To lessen physical interaction, for example, online order placements through social media or dedicated platforms such as apps and websites have been the norm.

As we move towards the post-pandemic world and the accessibility of technology increases, more processes will continue to make a digital shift. To cope with these changes, it is important for parents to find ways to make their children ready for the future. One way to do this is to give them the opportunity to learn to code.

  Key Points at a Glance:

  • The IT industry is on the rise and knowing how to code will improve your kid’s chances of being part of that industry
  • Codes make up programs. Programs are made up of codes and not the other way around
  • Coding is considered a 21st-century literacy

Are Coding and Programming the Same Thing?

Coding is the backbone of programming. When you learn a language, you need to learn its elements such as the alphabet, the words, and grammar or structure. You cannot write a story in a certain language without knowing the elements of that language, same with programming.

To learn programming, one must write in a certain language—that act is coding. Teaching your child how to code is teaching them to write and think in a different language, a programming language such as JavaScript, Python, or Ruby.

Kids Can and Should Learn Coding

Learning a different language can be overwhelming but also rewarding. Imagine your kids being able to talk to computers, isn’t that cool?

Even at an early age, kids can already pick up basic coding skills that will allow them to enhance their critical thinking ability, creativity, and other life skills that will prove useful as they grow older and take on many responsibilities.

Coding is no doubt a 21st-century skill that is very important for kids to have. This will give them the capacity to grasp the logic, analyze problems and make sound decisions on any circumstance that comes their way.

At the moment, there are free coding programs and coding websites for kids that will provide them opportunities to learn to code.

Future-Proofing Your Kids through IT Education

Teaching kids coding and programming concepts will help hone their critical thinking and logic. Even if your child does not see a career in IT, they will still be able to get something out of coding classes. If-then scenarios present in coding and programming are good exercises for kids to practice decision making, logical thinking, and problem-solving!

According to The Edvocate, there may even come a time where coding will be a literacy such as reading and writing in a certain language. Although being bilingual is not a requirement for one to be successful in life, having the skill to be one will surely make a difference.

Teaching your kids how to code is a sound investment. It is a skill that is useful during our time, more so in the future. Visit the websites mentioned above or get in touch with us to learn about our coding programs for kids!

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