Top 9 Things Kids Can Do From Learning Photoshop

Wondering what can kids achieve once they learn Photoshop? Here are nine things kids can do from learning this image manipulation software.

  Key Points at a Glance:

  • By learning Photoshop, kids can do a range of activities related to photography, digital art, and graphic design.
  • Kids can use Photoshop not only to edit and enhance images but also add special effects.
  • Children can use Photoshop to produce illustrations and logos using add-ons, layers, and supplementary devices like a drawing tablet.
  • Photoshop can also be used to create animations.

With the rapid development of technology today, it’s vital that your child won’t lag behind. Having tech-related skills will give them an edge at school and in their careers in the future.

One of the best things to learn today is Adobe Photoshop. For many years, this image manipulation software has dominated the digital market. It has also been an essential tool for many photographers and graphic artists.

Learning Photoshop allows your child to go beyond their potential to create. With the right skills, experience, and knowledge, here are things your kid can achieve:

Enhance Images

Photoshop enables your child to make images more vibrant and eye-catching. They’ll learn to remove imperfections and crop images to a desirable size. They can also try fun things such as removing backgrounds, making a composite image, and adding textures.

Create Illustrations

With some Illustrator add-ons, your kid can turn Photoshop into the ultimate illustration program. Kids can use the brush tool to create basic sketches or drawings. They can also use a drawing or graphic tablet for a better drawing experience.

Add Photo Effects

Children love to look at cool things! And nothing excites them more than being able to create one of their own. With Photoshop, they can add photo effects to make pictures look cooler. They can add splashes, texture effects, and even cartoon effects.

Play with Colors

Photoshop is a fantastic program to make colors pop out more in images. Using this app, kids can mix and match colors with the colors and swatches panel. They can also customize their own colors using the color wheel.

Manipulate Layers

Layers are important in Photoshop. Think of it as putting a new piece of paper on top of another before adding elements. This helps in preventing mistakes while doing a project. For example, your child can add one layer to draw a tree, then another layer for the leaves.

Produce Graphic Designs

Graphic design is also a great skill that children can learn. It encompasses various forms of digital art, both for commercial and personal use. With Photoshop, children can produce any type of graphic design they can imagine.

Create Animations

Yes, kids can make animations using Photoshop! They can use the timeline panel to produce animation frames. They can also use keyframes to produce motion. It can be a bit challenging to do in Photoshop but it’s an absolute fun thing to do.

Design Logos

Photoshop is the best program when it comes to creating logos. Your child can develop logos for any matter they want. They could, for example, make a logo inspired by their favorite movie or game. They can also try to replicate famous brand logos as practice, or make their own name into a logo.

Merge Hand-Drawn and Digital Art

Children can take a photo of or scan their hand-drawn illustrations and import these in Photoshop. They can then use the software to add or enhance the colors of their digitized drawings or merge these with another drawing, or put it against an interesting background.

With Photoshop, creating is virtually boundless. Let your kids do these nine things to improve their skills in Photoshop.

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