3 Reasons Why You Should Take Time to Develop Your Brand Identity

Branding or brand identity is not only for products or objects. Did you know that branding can also be applied to yourself?

  Key Points at a Glance:

  • Developing brand identity will help you find your voice.
  • Having your own brand identity will be your competitive edge.
  • Your brand identity will represent you.

Each one of us is a branding story waiting to unfold. How we talk, how we dress, how we post things online are based on “our brand”, we may not be consciously aware of it but those are some of the things that make up “our brand.”

Influencers have a more deliberate approach in developing their brand identity evident in the filters that they use on every post, the language that they use, the hashtags that they use, and the imagery that they use!

Graphic artists on the other hand develop their brand identity through the color palettes that they choose to work on, or the kind of projects that they work on. 

For this generation where everything about anyone can be found online, it is important to have a unique online presence, more so if you are an inspiring influencer or a graphic artist. 

Having an established brand identity can greatly help you stand out from the crowd!

Here are 3 reasons why you should take time to develop your brand identity.

Know your voice

Building your brand identity will help you to get to know yourself better! One of the steps in building your brand identity is creating a clear “self-image”. What are your beliefs or values? Is there a particular emotion, concept, even a color that embodies who you are?

If you want to develop your brand identity as an influencer, what are the products that you would like to use and eventually endorse? Will you promote any free product that comes your way?

If you are a graphic artist, will you only accept commissions from brands that are aligned with your brand aesthetic or are you willing to venture out of your comfort zone and do work outside of your aesthetic?

Have a competitive edge

Establishing your brand identity as an influencer or as a graphic artist is a continuous process but once you have done it, you will reap the benefits! Establishing a brand identity will help you gain followers and patrons that have aligned interests. 

Have something that is truly yours

Your brand identity can act as a compass for all of your endeavors. Crafting one will help you in your career as a budding influencer or graphic artist or even both!

Do not look at your personal brand identity as a constraint, you can define it and hone it to best suit your current vision. Just let it guide you, and do not forget that you can make your brand identity grow with you.



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